The Project

In recent years, the mental health of adolescents has deteriorated, 9 million suffer from a mental disorder, 55% from anxiety and depression (UNICEF 2019). The sources of stress most often cited by adolescents are: school pressures, conflict with peers and social stigmas. Furthermore, the COVID pandemic, the lockdown and the closure of socialization places have caused a deterioration in mental health, especially among young people aged 11 to 17 in whom the presence of post-traumatic symptoms has been observed. The fear of being exposed, stigmatized and the lack of knowledge of this matter leads to avoid the problem even when the first symptoms appear. For these reasons, it is necessary to deal with the issue of mental wellness in an environment closer to young people, such as that of video games. Numerous researches, including “gaming your mental health” by Mark Campled have shown that video games can be a powerful tool in reducing some of the most common symptoms among young people.

The project has the ambitious goal of creating a video game aimed at increasing the well-being of young people, raise the awareness of mental illness and providing support tools.
To achieve the objectives, two outputs will be created:

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